During the Civil War, a Union General assigns Moe, Larry, and Curly (as Operators 13, 12, and 15) to sneak behind enemy lines and optain secrets. Disguising themselves as southern soldiers, Captain Dodge, Lieutenant Duck, and Major Hyde, they enter the mansion of Confederate Colonel Butts.

Preparing for a dinner party, Curly, more interested in Butts' daughter, Judith, misstakens a quilted potholder for a cake, resulting in the Stooges coughing up feathers. Meanwhile, Major "Bloodhound" Filbert, a spy hunter, trying to find out if the Stooges are northern spies, tells Moe that his father and wife are here, resulting in Larry and Curly dressing as them. Filbert trying to collapse the Stooges asks where Moe's baby is. Moe runs out of the mansion and brings back a baby only to see that it is black, giving away their cover.

The Stooges then run outside and hide in a "log", which is really a cannon in which the Confederate. Meanwhile, the Union General wonders where the Stooges are, at that moment they fall on top of him.

The StoogesEdit